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A 10 season adventure that promoted lots of laughter and gave meaning to the phrase “Best Friends Forever.” As I was scrolling through Twitter today, I saw where there is soon to be a reunion of this all star cast which fans are super excited about. It made me think about friends
in real life and how awesome it is (especially in college) to be able to share life with people
from different places, people from different backgrounds, and people with different stories.

Raygan Hall. My very first friend at Gardner-Webb. She loves Jesus, animal shirts, dance parties, and adventures. Raygan loves this popular show so I asked her about her favorite memory or tradition shared with her close friends.

Raygan beamed about her camp friends. She attended a summer camp since she was 9 years old where she has met some of her best friends. One of her favorite things that they do together is,outside of camp, they all go to one of their friends houses where they will swim, hang out, and sometimes go to the lake.

“Friendships grow so much at camp, but it is easy to put on a mask and be who people  want you to be.”

She loves being able to deepen her friendships by taking it outside the walls of camp and live life in the real world together. The funniest memories and deepest friendships have come from staying connected with her friends that she met at summer camp.


Three things Raygan is thankful for today:

-Bad days with her roomie because being able to share life with someone (in the good and the bad) is great

-Yoga pants

-Younglife girls because they provide so much entertainment


Friends– no matter how many, no matter where they come from are special. They are a treasure worth finding and holding onto.

Here is a fun clip from Friends that exemplifies just that.


Monica and Phoebe Wedding Dress


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