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FULL HOUSE IS BACK. In about a month, Fuller House, will air on Netflix as a 13-episode Netflix original series. The classic trio of Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Jesse  Katsopolis will be reunited with a few old faces and even some new ones. This heart-warming classic has brought so many laughs and maybe even a few tears as the world has witnessed the adventures of this big family living under the same roof. February 26th. The reunion of a lifetime.



Keaton Whiteside. One of the most passionate and caring people you will ever meet. A guy who loves Jesus, music, sports, and his big family.

“Big families rule.”

Keaton and his family are originally from Kansas but within the past few years they have relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. They are more than familiar with what is like to have a full house. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Keaton recalls one time in their lives where 9 people lived in a 3-bedroom trailer. He said that they had a 15 passenger white van (of course it had to be white because their last name is WHITEside), and it was big enough so that they could bring friends along when they wanted to. One of his favorite things they did as a family was throw parties on New Year’s Eve and for the Super Bowl.

What does family mean to you?

“It’s the people you love the most, hate the most, and care for the most. They have been there through everything.”

Keaton shared about the hard time his family went through when they had to leave Kansas to come to North Carolina. It was so awesome and encouraging to hear that throughout all the moving and leaving behind of traditions and memories that they have never broken up. Even though they may have been in other places physically, their family has always remained bonded.

“A big family is the best thing ever. You always have someone to play with, and you always have someone to be mad at.”

Family. A built in support system. A group of people you love. A group of people who sometimes provided the greatest adventures and greatest memories. A group of people who teach you. A group of people you are stuck with forever.



Here is a cute video of Michelle learning about New Year’s Eve.



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