Friends to Family




Jonathan Goldenberg and Daniel Napier. A friendship worth admiring.

These two guys, individually, are some of my favorite people on this campus. They are leaders. They are caring. They make you feel important and valued, and they make you laugh your head off. After talking with them the other night, I can say that this dynamic duo has one of the strongest and most encouraging friendships I have ever witnessed.

JoGo and Daniel had their very first college class with each other. ENG 101. 8 a.m.

They had to follow people in their class on Twitter and tweet about different readings and assignments dealing with the class. One  day, Daniel tweeted the lyrics to the song “God’s Not Dead.” JoGo responded something to the effect of, “Full of the Spirit today, aren’t you?”

They then started to bond in class, and at 8 a.m. they were the loudest and most talkative in there. Then over the next few months, Daniel’s roommate moved out, and he did not want to pay the fee. As he ventured over to the annual poster sale at Gardner-Webb, he saw JoGo and  went up and asked him to be his roommate. JoGo’s eyes went big. “YES.”

I asked them what their favorite memory within their friendship was and they both looked at each other and told me to count down because they wanted to see if they were thinking of the same one.

3, 2, 1……”Smashing the TV!”

A story that can only truly be told by these two so I’ll let them have the spotlight for that one.

What does friendship mean to you?

“Friendship means being able to be different, accepting the differences, and still being able to keep each other company,” says JoGo.

“Besides my family, JoGo is the one person I have shared the most meals with,” says Daniel.

From chatting with these two I can tell that they bring out the best in each other. They talked about how their personalities are completely opposite, but they have learned so much from each other. JoGo brought out the more relaxed and outgoing side of Daniel. They play off of each other in social settings, and they said they have joked about having a late night show where one would be behind the desk and the other would be the MC. One of the awesome things about their friendship is that they have challenged each other in their faith. They have been able to wrestle with big topics and question each other which has helped both of them gain perspective and a deeper understanding of their faith.

“JoGo’s friendship means the world to me,” Daniel says.

3 year friendaversary at Poster Sale


JoGo and Daniel tend to be involved with completely different things. They are in various clubs and sometimes hang out with different groups of people. Some of their ups and downs of college have not been similiar, but they are always able to hang out at the end of the day and share life with each other. They only remained roommates until the end of Freshman year, but they said that was almost better because they were not forced to hang out with each other but chose to hang out and remain friends.

These vastly different individuals have been friends for their whole college experience. They have different views and personalities, but they always seem to find something to bond over whether it be humor or the theme song for Lord of the Rings or even Macklemore.

“College is about community. Don’t limit yourself to friends.”- Daniel Napier



Here is a video of Jimmy Fallon and his sidekick, Steve Higgins, teaming up for a few laughs.


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