Cam K on a Snow Day


Cameran Kerley. A lover of sunflowers, iced coffee, and Ed Sheeran. She ventured home before the snow hit Gardner-Webb this weekend but had a blast with her family playing in the snow, doing crossword puzzles, and putting together a 1000 piece cat puzzle.

One of her favorite memories in the snow was on Christmas day in the 9th grade. She said it snowed so much that most of the cars were stuck in the driveway. In order to get everyone home from their grandparents house, all of the cousins piled up in the Kerley Pilot which made for some close quarters bonding.

Cameran’s favorite part about snow days at Gardner-Webb is of course that we do not have to go to class but also the fact that everyone is stuck inside together so it bonds you together as a GWU family. Also, it gives everyone a chance to rally, be a kid, and go play in the snow. “Snow days are also an excuse to find good food,” says Cameran.

Gardner-Webb community on snow days = priceless

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.30.05 PM
Gardner-Webb Snow Day 2016

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