Cricket in the Snow


Chris Anderle. Cricket as I like to call him. No one really knows how the name Cricket came about but it has stuck.

Cricket is a guy with a contagious joyful spirit. He loves all things Patagonia, impulse buying, and he loves to crack the occasional dad joke.

When the snow hit Gardner-Webb the other day, his excitement made all of our friends smile. We planned on a snowball fight, but unfortunately it was more like a Jack Frost theme park across campus.

One of his favorite memories in the snow is when his mom would make snow cream. He said he wasn’t ever sure how she made it, but they always had it when it snowed. Also, he loved making snowmen even though it was more of a lone effort because his siblings did not help.

Chris said that his favorite thing about snow days at Gardner-Webb is being able to catch up on sleep which I think a resounding “AMEN” can be heard from each and every college student.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.04.56 PM
Snow Cream

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