Celebration Week
Celebration Week 

This past week at Gardner-Webb was a week of celebration. Seriously, it was Celebration Week. A whole week full of worship, community and of course, CELEBRATION. This is a week that Campus Ministries puts on as a beginning of the year refresher and time to focus our eyes on Jesus. Each night there is a time of worship through music and a speaker whether it be a student sharing their testimony or an outside speaker simply laying out the Gospel.


It was a week full of joy. Full of freedom. Full of life change. Full of (I’m not sure of any other way to say it) celebration.


Jacob Kirby. A lover of flannel. A lover of soft smiles. A lover of coffee. A lover of red grapes. A lover of Jesus.

Jacob is currently in his last semester at Gardner-Webb. One reason this week is so special to him is because it is an opportunity for Gardner-Webb students to come together every night to celebrate what Jesus is doing.

I asked Jacob to share a God moment in his life. A time where he encountered the Lord and truly experienced His presence.

Jacob is a twin, and he said that one time last year he and his twin brother had not seen each other in a while. The cool thing that was going on during this time was that, even though they were in two completely different place, they were journeying through the same season of life. The next time they saw each other God resolved the situation just by the simple fact of allowing them to talk and discuss about this thing they were both experiencing.

Right now, God is teaching Jacob through the prophet Hosea. He was commanded by God to marry a prostitute and remain faithful to her. It is a beautiful picture of how faithful God is to us throughout all of our unfaithfulness.

Jacob said, ” God is showing me that He is a more faithful spouse to us than we could ever be to Him. Our unfaithfulness to God does not turn Him away from us.”

Something that Jacob celebrated this week was the simpleness of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. He defeated death and that is something worth celebrating each and every day.

3 things Jacob Kirby is thankful for today:

-Dark roast coffee


-Friends that mean it when they ask how you’re doing





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