H.M. Ray Celebrates Today

DSCN3095Hannah Ray. She loves words. She loves stories. She loves John Cusack. She loves chips and salsa. She loves to make people laugh.

Celebration Week is special to Hannah because she said it gives us the push we need to be in constant community with one another. It is the climax of the day when believers come together to worship.

God has taught Hannah a lot during her time so far at Gardner-Webb. Even before she made it Boiling Springs, God was teaching her His way and His truth. She was really stressed out about coming to college, and she wanted more than anything to make the right decision. Hannah gave God a date. March 31st. That was the day she needed the answer so she could make a final decision about where she would go to college. Then, as she was discussing the situation with her small group leader at church she reminded her of a great truth.

“Maybe you got so caught up in seeking the answer that you didn’t seek the answer giver.”

A lesson that everyone can learn from. Oh how often how we seek the answer instead of the heart of the one who gives the answers.

Hannah said that during that time God taught her to seek Him and His love FIRST. She came to the realization that she was putting conditions on God.

March 31st rolled around and God did spell the name of the school she was supposed to go to in the sky. He simply reminded her that if she was truly loving Him, she can do that from wherever she is.

Hannah Ray. A lover of His character. A lover of His truth.

One of her favorite things about God is that he allows Himself to be found and known by us. He is more than willing to satisfy us, and He desires to. Hannah has realized that the minute we come to Him, He reveals truth and He satisfies. We just have to be willing to hear his voice.

This week Hannah celebrated the goodness of God. She celebrated the fact that God chose to place her here for such a time as this which is something not to be taken for granted.

bundle up for worship
Celebration Week



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