Tree Hugger. Jesus Lover.


Sarah Branch. Tree hugger. Music lover. Genuine heart. Bright smile.

God is up to something BIG on the campus of Gardner-Webb, and Sarah can definitely attest to that. This past week has been one of great celebration.

One of the reason Celebration Week is so special to Sarah is because a lot of different people from campus come into one place to worship Jesus.

God is moving. God is here. God is working.

Friday, January 29, Sarah Branch, among with many other experienced God is such a real way. A group of our friends got together to wash the feet of the women’s basketball team at school. It was an idea and a plan that the Lord has been putting on our hearts for a long time. The awesome thing about this time of service was that God’s hand was ALL over it. God softened the hearts of everyone involved. God provided just the right amount of people to help. God brought us together as one to serve. God’s power and spirit was evident. God formed a special kind of community on Friday. God broke barriers. God formed relationships. God was glorified.

Sarah Branch is an evident lover of the Lord.

She shared some of her favorite characteristics about God.

“God is near. He hears our prayers. He is not some distant God that we can’t connect with.  He is answering prayers, and I have been able to really experience that this week,” says Sarah.

Another one of Sarah’s favorite characteristics of the Lord is that He is impartial. Sarah says, “He truly desires for all of us to come to Him.”

One thing Sarah Branch celebrated this week was being able to see the Lord work in such evident ways.

Amen. In the words of one of our best friends, “What a time to be alive.”


Check out some of the pics from students at Gardner-Webb celebrating Jesus this past week.


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