Double Support

The Carolina Panthers are at the 50th Super Bowl. It surely is an exciting time to be in the Carolinas right now where you can meet some of the biggest and most genuine Panthers fans. DSCN3148

Breanna and Keanna. Sisters. Twins. Friends. Roommates. Lovers of music. Lovers of Cookout. Lovers of Panther football.

Keanna is a Communications major and Breanna is an American Sign Language major.

Breanna has been a Panthers fan for longer than Keanna, but they both said the reason why they were fans was because they wanted to support their home state and home team. Also, they said that their dad loves football, and it has always been a way for them to spend time with him and bond.

Tonight, they are spending their Super Bowl Sunday, of course, watching the Panthers and spending time with some of their closest friends at Gardner-Webb.

3 things Keanna is thankful for today:

  1. Friends that watch the Super Bowl with them even if they don’t really watch football
  2. The positive impact the Carolina Panthers has brought to the state
  3. Bonding through the game with their parents as they are 4 hours away

3 things Breanna is thankful for today:

  1. Friends
  2. Panthers going to the Super Bowl
  3. Connections


Check out some interesting stats about the Super Bowl matchup of 2016:


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