The Lone Bronco

A rare finding, but there are a few Broncos fans in the midst of the mass of Panthers fans in the Carolinas tonight.DSCN3150

Ethan Ramsey (or E10 as some people call him). A lover of history. A lover of mountains. A lover of baseball. A lover of the legendary, Peyton Manning.

He is one of the few Broncos fans tonight which turned out to be a good thing. Peyton Manning is Ethan’s favorite player. He used to be a huge Indianapolis Colts fan when Peyton played for them, and then Ethan switched his allegiance when Peyton went to the Denver Broncos.

Besides Peyton and the Broncos, baseball is Ethan’s favorite sport. He loves the game, and he says it is so different that it is hard to describe why he loves it so much.

Ethan’s favorite baseball memory was during his senior year of high school. It was the last game of the season that his mom was able to see, and he hit a home run to tie up the game. Although the team did not win the game, it was still an exciting moment for the Ramsey family.

3 things Ethan is thankful for on this Super Bowl night:

  1. Football
  2. Weekends
  3. Peyton Manning


Congrats to the Broncos and Peyton Manning who have won the 50th Super Bowl.


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