Be My Galentine

This year I have been introduced to the new thing of “Galentine’s Day.” Although I do not watch the show, I have heard that this term originated from the hit show, Parks and Recreation that features Amy Poehler.

This year, “Galentine’s Day,” has been a huge hit, and I was able to participate with my roomie, Hannah Ray. This February 13th was a day to remember. A day of sleeping. A day of eating Mexican food. A day of eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. A day of watching Netflix and 80’s movies. A day for just the girls.

So next year, or really any day of the year, if you are in need of a day just for the girls, have a Galentine’s day.

galentine 2

Step 1: Wear comfy clothes, and lay in the bed and watch Netflix all day.


Step 2: When you get hungry, go eat Mexican. Order queso. Get sweet tea. Sit and talk to your best friend for a long time about everything and nothing all at the same time.

Say Anything

Step 3: Get Ben & Jerry’s. Turn on the Christmas lights. Watch a chick flick.

Step 4: Talk about how Galentine’s day is the best day ever, and plan for another one very SOON.



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