Couples of GDubb

Valentine’s Day. A day where some couples go all out. A day where some couples keep it super simple. A day where all the single gals get together and watch a chick flick. A day where chocolate is consumed and flowers are given.

Another couple I ran into on this Valentine’s day were my good friends, Trey and Amanda.


Trey and Amanda have been dating for a year and three months (Amanda says that Trey always keeps up with this calculation).

They met at Gardner-Webb, but they do not exactly remember the moment they met each other. They have just always been in the same friend group.

What is your favorite quality about the other person?

“Trey has such a servant’s heart,” says Amanda.

“She cares about others, and she is so generous. Also, I love her snort when she laughs,” says Trey.

When I asked them about their favorite date or memory together Trey responded, “The little ones are the most important to me.” Also, Trey and Amanda recalled that once they went to the art museum in Charlotte which was super fun.

“I romanced the crap out of her,” says Trey.

This Valentine’s day the couple spent in Hendersonville. Trey got Amanda a ring, and Amanda got Trey a new Gardner-Webb and a huge box of his favorite candy, goldfish.

Valentine’s Day 2016 has come and gone. Cute dates. Casual dates. Detail-oriented dates. Simple dates. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. More chocolate. See you next year, Valentine’s Day.

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