Fender Fairytale


Dennis Fender and Morgan McDaniel. Soon to be, Mr. and Mrs. Fender.

This newly engaged couple met a little over a year ago at Gardner-Webb’s annual Connect Fair. Dennis was at the Putnam Baptist Church booth  when he met Morgan in her purple rain jacket, dark jeans, and owl rain boots. Morgan won the gift card they were giving away at the booth, and Dennis always jokes that that was the first time Morgan tested his patience because when he called to tell her she won, it took her a long time to meet him to get it.

As time progressed, Morgan became interested in interning for the youth at Putnam Baptist. She began meeting with their youth pastor, Jonathan, who was busy telling the other youth intern, Dennis, about how great Morgan was. Needless to say, Dennis was really excited about officially meeting and getting to work with this girl.

Dennis and Morgan will share their one year anniversary on the 25th of February. Also, their wedding is coming up on August 20th!

What is one quality you admire about the other person?

“I really admire Morgan’s natural beauty. She has no need for any make it up. When she wears it, it just enhances her beauty,” says Dennis.

“Dennis is such a hard worker. I really love how positive he is, and he hardly ever complains,” says Morgan.

Dennis and Morgan shared that one of their favorite dates or things that they do together is hiking. Morgan said Dennis is really adventurous, and she keeps him from falling off the mountain.

The (soon to be) Fender’s spent their Valentine’s day just hanging out with each other. Last night, they went to see the Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins, and today Dennis brought Morgan flowers, chocolate, a card, and a mug.



Check out more of the story on their website!



One thought on “Fender Fairytale

  1. Emma, you should consider writing for GWU-Today next semester. You’ve got a lot of great interview skills it seems. I’ve enjoyed reading your people stories.

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