A Story Worth Sharing

Today I am going to share one of my favorite stories of all time. It is a story that has shaped my life in more ways than one and brought me to the place I am today.

Side note: I thought it might be good to share a little bit of my story in the process of sharing the stories of other people.

Once upon a time there was a family. A  family that seemed to measure up to what “normal” looks like in this day and age.

When I was 5 years old my parents got divorced. A hard thing for a child, but today it has, unfortunately, become the norm.

My parents were divorced for 4 years.

4 years of it just being me and my mom. 4 years of “Daddy’s day” every Tuesday. 4 years of mac & cheese dinners and VHS movies on our 12 inch TV. 4 years of my dad going down the wrong path. 4 years of my mom earnestly praying for him. 4 years of the Lord telling my mom they were going to get back together. 4 years of my dad saying no, but 4 years of the Lord working things out for the good. 4 years of the Lord’s redemption at work in such a real way.

The Lord did an amazing work in my dad’s heart. The Lord did an amazing work in my mom’s heart. The Lord proved His faithfulness once again. By the grace of the Lord, my parents got remarried. It was a beautiful picture of God’s redemption. It was a hard adjustment. It took a lot of work. It was one of the greatest moments of all our lives.

There was a wedding in our apartment. I got to be the flower girl, the maid of honor, the best man, and the pianist.

God healed something that was broken for His glory.

The story definitely continues and the Lord’s faithfulness in the Shappley family never stops. It has definitely not been easy, but God has brought us closer to Him and to each other. I even have a 7 year old little sister now but that is a story for another day, another blog.


Wedding Round 2


“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”


One thought on “A Story Worth Sharing

  1. Wow that’s a story you don’t hear everyday! That’s incredible. Good for your family. PS – you’ve done a decent job keeping up with your blogs however there are nine posts missing not counting the three from this week.


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