This week I am going to change things up just a little bit. We are going to take a break from interviews of the awesome people on the campus of Gardner-Webb and just reflect (maybe  with a few stories thrown in though).

I think that in life we can easily become caught up in the story and lose focus of the one who writes the story and the main character in the story.

These past few weeks interviewing individuals at Gardner-Webb have been so much fun. I have been able to get to know some of my already friends a little bit better and even form some new friendships. These stories  have not been earth shattering or heart wrenching kind of stories, but they have been stories that allows you catch of glimpse of who that person is in every day life and what has brought them to this point.

One thing I have learned from this is that every person has a story whether is about how they decided on college or what sport they played when they were little. Everyone has something to share.

Right now, I am learning that the key to getting to know someone is not asking them a bunch of yes or no questions but having a conversation with them and taking the time to listen to their stories. Short, long, sad, happy, silly. A story is a story and the experiences people have had make them who they are.


“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Check out a clip from Jimmy Fallon where Ryan Reynolds tells a cool story of what he did for one of his fans:


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