Another Day, Another Blog


Another day. Another blog. Another story.

Sophie Shappley. Next week she will be 7 years old. It is incredible that amount of joy that has been shared among the Shappley family with the past 7 years.

When my parents got remarried, my mom really wanted another baby. My mom had three miscarriages before she got pregnant with Sophie. I was really doubtful when my mom told me she was pregnant for the 4th time. The Lord, yet again, proved His faithfulness and mighty power.

The day Sophie was born was one I will never forget. Hospital at 6am. Sky still dark. Excitement level out of the roof.

We waited in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. I remember standing in this bland hallway in front of two tan double doors. Finally, my grandparents and I could see through the small cracks of the door my dad walking down the hall in his blue scrubs. It literally took my 12 year old breath away when he walked through with a beautiful baby girl in his hands.

To this day, I cannot recall another time when I felt as much joy and the overwhelming presence of the Lord.

March 2 continued to be a fantastic day. They put Sophie in a little bed where we could look at her from the window. I remember all of our friends and family coming by and there were tears and hugs and smiles and laughter. One of great family friends even brought me pig in a blanket because he knew they were my favorite. The day continued to be one of craziness but one of joy. There was so much laughter. So much meaningful conversation. So much excitement. We even caught the season finale of The Bachelor that night in the hospital room.

A story worth remembering. A story that certainly continues and remains to be another chapter in the Shappley Circus.


Here’s a fun video of Rachel & Ross with their baby in the show Friends:


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