Change Around the World

IMG_2980 copyBecca Pittman. A lover of Jesus. A lover of popcorn. A lover of sarcasm (especially with Jacob Kirby).

Becca’s story is one of pure adventure but a lot of change. One of the biggest changes she has ever experienced was when she moved from Turkey to the United States just a few months before she embarked on her adventure at Gardner-Webb.

She said that it was super hard. It felt very lonely and out of place. She looked like she was supposed to belong here but she didn’t. Also, her parents lived in Black Mountain  so went she went “home” it felt like she was going to a random house.

As always, God proved himself faithful. Becca was able to redefine the word “home.” She found that her home was wherever God had placed her. Gardner-Webb provided her with some remarkable friends, and she was really able to become her own person and define herself.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

“Make flying cheaper.”

3 things Becca is thankful for today:

-roommate coming back after being gone for a week

-church at home celebrated 15 year anniversary




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