Cam K on a Snow Day


Cameran Kerley. A lover of sunflowers, iced coffee, and Ed Sheeran. She ventured home before the snow hit Gardner-Webb this weekend but had a blast with her family playing in the snow, doing crossword puzzles, and putting together a 1000 piece cat puzzle.

One of her favorite memories in the snow was on Christmas day in the 9th grade. She said it snowed so much that most of the cars were stuck in the driveway. In order to get everyone home from their grandparents house, all of the cousins piled up in the Kerley Pilot which made for some close quarters bonding.

Cameran’s favorite part about snow days at Gardner-Webb is of course that we do not have to go to class but also the fact that everyone is stuck inside together so it bonds you together as a GWU family. Also, it gives everyone a chance to rally, be a kid, and go play in the snow. “Snow days are also an excuse to find good food,” says Cameran.

Gardner-Webb community on snow days = priceless

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Gardner-Webb Snow Day 2016


Chris Anderle. Cricket as I like to call him. No one really knows how the name Cricket came about but it has stuck.

Cricket is a guy with a contagious joyful spirit. He loves all things Patagonia, impulse buying, and he loves to crack the occasional dad joke.

When the snow hit Gardner-Webb the other day, his excitement made all of our friends smile. We planned on a snowball fight, but unfortunately it was more like a Jack Frost theme park across campus.

One of his favorite memories in the snow is when his mom would make snow cream. He said he wasn’t ever sure how she made it, but they always had it when it snowed. Also, he loved making snowmen even though it was more of a lone effort because his siblings did not help.

Chris said that his favorite thing about snow days at Gardner-Webb is being able to catch up on sleep which I think a resounding “AMEN” can be heard from each and every college student.

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Snow Cream


Boiling Springs, North Carolina has officially been hit with the first snow/sleet of 2016. Friday classes were canceled and the brave ones are sliding to the caf to get some chicken tenders on this infamous “Chicken Tender Saturday.”

Some people say that snow days at Gardner-Webb are the best days, and I would definitely have to agree. This is the most snow/ice I have seen with my Mississippi eyes so it has been super exciting. For other people, this snow is just another day and just another precipitation falling from the sky. DSCN3054

Sharayah Westover. A nursing student from upstate New York. She loves Walk the Moon, baking, and planning events. She is one who is familiar with a little snow on the ground. She said that in New York they never fully close. The most they get is a few hour delay.

One of her favorite memories of the snow was from when she was younger and her family would go to their grandparents house which was about 2 hours north of them. They always received a lot more snow and they had a lot of hills which made it perfect for sledding. Also, they had a pond that would freeze over so she would go with her brothers and cousins to ice skate.

Another memory Sharayah recalled was when she was 4 years old and it snowed at least 4 feet. Sharayah’s dad built an awesome snow fort with shelves in it for her and her brothers to lay on.

Sharayah also shared her scariest moment in the snow. At her grandparents house, they had electric fences for the cows. Once when they were sledding she veered off to the side and went under the fence and cut her forehead open. Luckily the fence was off!

This snow weekend has been a good one. Sharayah says her favorite thing about it was sleeping in and yet again I would have to agree.

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